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Radical single mom, and human rights crusader Lucy O’Bryan journeys to some of the least visited regions on the planet seeking a greater understanding of humanity.  She attempts to uncover the struggles of everyday survival in some of the world’s harshest countries, while exposing the most basic truth of humanity - the love and the laughter that exists in us all.

  • Karyn Lucy O'Bryan


Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Saving the world is a full time job.

But sometimes crying is too.

I’m thinking about big hats. Sombrero-like. They have pretty good Mexican food too.

A wall 5 decades tall and a dozen crushed dreams wide.

The moat flows with a million tears shed in the shadows of the bright light of hope.

Does the light bring the hope or does the hope create the light, an old hand-cranked projector delivering flickering stories spinning tales of the future we might create.

Ring around the rosie spinning, spinning turning reality into a blur where dreams take shape and a single bright light explodes into a vision.

Grips us so tight.

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