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Port Salud, Haiti

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Today was one of those days where once again good humans far exceeded my expectations. I was working with farmers out in a very rural area. Everyone was so patient and giving with their time that I bought everyone a little snack from a nearby hut selling crackers and sweets to say thank you. They seemed surprised and said no foreigner had ever done that for them. I said goodbye and began the mountainous potholed drive back to town when I hit a muddy patch and the truck veered off the road. The photos don't show how bad it was but the truck was at an angle that it could have rolled over. If it did roll over it would have kept rolling down a very steep mountain. I jumped out but there was no one around to help and we were at least a mile away from the community we had been working in. Suddenly dozens of men with pick axes, shovels, machetes and very large branches started walking toward us from every direction. They immediately got to work digging the truck out while around a dozen men kept it from rolling over by pushing on it and lifting with the branches. It took about an hour but eventually someone jumped into the driver’s seat and drove it back onto the road for me. Afterwards everyone cheered. I was so grateful! People are good.

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