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Maybe my mom’s fault too. Seeing suffering children on TV got me pretty good as a six year old, but my mother’s endless example of compassion and love for others may have sealed my fate. I blame her for a lot of other things too, such as teaching me to think outside the box, but that’s another blog post. As a young woman I fell into an acting career in Los Angeles, and shortly after that fell into single motherhood so those two things kept me busy for a while. But it never felt right (the acting! I liked the mom part). I believed I was meant to help people, you know, make the world a better place. So I printed up a fake press pass and took my 11 year old son to the refugee camps during the Kosovo war. I saw what mattered. And I never looked back.

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A travel show about a photojournalist who travels the world, dodging bullets and gigantic reptiles while
seeking a greater understanding of humanity.

Radical single mom, and human rights crusader Lucy O’Bryan journeys to some of the least visited regions on the planet.  
From staying in a crackhouse in Zurich, bribing police officers in Albania, attempting to be smuggled into Libya, talking her way into prisons and jumping off moving trains, Lucy certainly knows how to travel in style. 
Lucy uncovers the struggles of everyday survival in some of the world’s harshest countries, while exposing the most basic truth of humanity - the love and the laughter that exists in us all.

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