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The  living embodiment of love.

Met a very blessed 80 year old woman who insisted on being my grandma. Her heart was full and light beamed from her as she spoke passionately and joyfully about the blessings in her life. Every few moments she would mention that she is a strict vegetarian. She brought me into her home and showed me a photo of her deceased husband, the only photo in her home illuminated by the only lightbulb in her tiny home. She wouldn’t let me step back out of her door without giving me several blessings. Before I left she grabbed my wrist, begging me to wait just one more moment as she ran back inside to get something. A second later she excitedly reappeared with a plastic bag filled with her most precious belongings. She squatted down intently, almost feverishly pulling things out and laying out items that represented her most important experiences. She had been to Kathmandu and the Himalayas and the Taj Mahal. Here before me, laid out on the ground was a snapshot of everything she had ever accomplished in her humble life.

When I asked her how she was able to make such amazing adventures she raised her arms and her eyes to the sky and said that she had been blessed tremendously. Again and again through out our visit she had made this point and each time her eyes teared up.

We ended our visit with several heartfelt hugs. She was the  living embodiment of love. I left there a better person somehow.

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