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The Journey Is The Destination.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

You can begin a journey without knowing the destination. Listen to your heart and believe what it is saying. Somewhere inside each of us is a solid clear voice calling us to greatness. The clouds of discouragement may be drowning it out, making it difficult to hear, but it will never die. That’s because that voice, that call to greatness, is who you are. It cannot be separated from your existence. We have a choice though. Either listen to it and take a journey to our destiny, or ignore it. One will bring us absolute joy and perfection, the other takes us down the path of just existing. We’ve all been there. Just existing. It’s hard to leave the familiar for an uncertain future. Where we are feels safe even if it’s uncomfortable. Change means taking a chance at something that doesn’t exist yet. When you think of it that way, why would anyone ever take a chance? Leave the known and jump into the unknown? Yet that is exactly what our dreams are. They aren’t real yet. Or are they? Sometimes my dreams seem like the only thing that makes sense to me. In my dreams, I can create a future that I am proud of, that has meaning. Without my dreams, I feel hopeless. We live in a world that sometimes tries to crush our dreams, but we need hope. Hope pulls us into the future. Hope gives us the courage to face our fears and take a chance and follow our hearts without knowing the final outcome. When you follow your heart, your dreams, the destination becomes less important because you are right where you are supposed to be. Let the adventure begin! The journey is the destination.

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