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Tailoring Jeans

I found a jeans tailor. That's a tailor who makes jeans. The cost is 1000 rupies which is the equivalent of about $15. I later took a taxi back into this crowded, bustling neighborhood, a part of town where there aren't many tourists, to drop off my old jeans for him to replicate but the traffic was so bad no one could move. The taxi driver would turn his car off for a few minutes then when there was a little room he would start up his car and move forward 11 1/2 inches. Many times I suggested that I get out and walk but he wouldn't have it. Eventually I just popped open the door a few inches and squeezed out, leaving a few rupies and seamlessly merged into the crowd. When I arrived the tailor and his whole family were standing at the door waiting for me. I showed him my jeans and then he asked me to try them on in the dressing room which doubles after hours as their bedroom. He came in a little too soon which embarrassed him more than me. After we were done he offered to have his son give me a ride to my guesthouse on the back of his motorcycle.

It's amazing how the drivers here manage to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, like a mouse squeezes into a hole half its size.

P.S.Have you ever seen a squished rat? His tail was still intact. That's how i could tell it

wasnt a large cat or a small dog.

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